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Launched in collaboration with CoinDesk Indices, the Methodic CoinDesk ETH Staking Fund seeks to match the returns of our benchmark, the CoinDesk Ether Total Return Index (ETXTR). The index is a blend of the CoinDesk Ether Price Index (ETX) and CESR™ the Composite Ether Staking Rate. CESR is administered by CoinFund and calculated by CoinDesk Indices.

Fund Profile
Launch Date
Investment Objective
ETH Plus Staking Rewards
Placement Agent
Oasis Pro Markets
Management Fee
1% AUM p.a.
Performance Fee
Benchmark Index
Service Provider
Methodic Capital Management
Index Provider
Coindesk Indices, Inc
WithumSmith + Brown, PC
Legal Counsel Onshore
Sadis&Goldberg, LLP
Legal Counsel Offshore
Ogier Global, LLP
BitGo Trust Company, Inc
Standard Custody & Trust Company, LLC

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The Methodic CoinDesk ETH Staking Fund delivers numerous benefits for institutional investors:

ETH Staking Balance Sheet Icon

Traditional Balance Sheet Compatibility

Subscribe in fiat currency and redeem in fiat or crypto. Our private fund shares can be held on balance sheets that cannot yet hold crypto.

ETH Staking Treasury Management

Commercial Treasury Management

Firms moving on-chain or contemplating a move in the future can accumulate ETH and earn rewards in ETH now, in anticipation of future gas fees. Firms can subscribe in fiat or crypto and redeem in ETH or fiat.

ETH Staking Fund Shares Icon

Tokenized Fund Shares

Investors can elect to tokenize our fund shares on ETH Mainnet or Polygon. Tokens can be held in a qualified custodian and, in certain situations, traded on a secondary market. Non-crypto native investors can benefit by holding, transferring, or custodying tokens to help build internal token balance sheet and accounting operations without worry. Our traditional fund shares, managed by our fund administrator, are the source of truth.

ETH Staking Highly Compliant Icons

Highly compliant

Every aspect of our fund and strategy is as compliant as possible. Our partners are regulated, KYC/AML, and whitelisted. We work with only the top names in the industry. Placements are through a FINRA registered broker-dealer, assets are held in QC

Methodic Background


Jason Hall Image

Jason Hall


Jason Hall


As an Army Veteran Jason started his career in financial services as a self-directed equity derivatives trader before moving to a frontier markets focused hedge fund as an execution trader. From there he joined the global macro hedge fund Bridgewater Associates where he helped build several investment teams before transitioning into the front office where he helped manage the firm's multi-asset beta and benchmark exposure. Jason has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Connecticut.

John McNiff Image

John McNiff


John McNiff


John is the COO and co-founder of Methodic Capital and also the CEO and co-founder of Theia, an asset manager that specializes in blockchain investing. At Theia, he developed extensive experience building, investing, and staking blockchain assets. Previously, John worked in the Private Equity group at Goldman Sachs, where he primarily invested in opportunistic real estate. John has an MBA from MIT and a BA from Yale University.

Felipe Montealegre Image

Felipe Montelagre


Felipe Montealegre


Felipe is the CIO and co-founder of both Theia, an asset manager thatspecializes in blockchain investing and Methodic. In his combined CIO role, Felipe is responsiblefor allocating the portfolio for Theia's opportunistic fund, which includes enhancing returns through activities like staking as well as managing the investment strategies and products for Methodic. In his prior experience Felipe was a vice president at Baypine, a middle-market private equity firm. Over the course of Felipe's career in private equity, he invested over $5bn in equity across 18 deals. Felipe has a BA from Yale University.

Pedro Mantica Methodic Capital

Pedro Mantica


Pedro Mantica


Pedro serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Methodic and Theia. He is responsible for all architecture and implementation of technology across investment and operations for both funds. Previously, he worked as a senior software engineer at Quora. Prior to Quora, Pedro worked in Kensho Technologies building analytics tools for financial companies. He graduated early from MIT, at the top of his class, with a degree in computer science. Pedro also participated in math competitions and won two bronze medals in the Iberoamerican Math Olympiad.


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Investments into crypto currencies and/or digital assets are subject to material and high risk including the risk of total loss. An investment into crypto currencies and/or digital assets may become illiquid depending on the trading platform or investment product used for the specific investment. Investors should carefully review all risk factors disclosed by the relevant trading platform or in the product documents of relevant investment products. A registration of interest does not constitute suitability for investment or qualification for subscription to the Fund. Investors must meet certain criteria to be eligible to participate in the offering including, but not limited to, jurisdictional restrictions.

It is not possible to invest directly in an index. Exposure to an asset class represented by an index is available through investable instruments based on that index. The fund seeks to have the value of its shares match the returns of the benchmark index less applicable fees and expenses. The Company makes no assurance that investment products based on the index will accurately track index performance or provide positive investment returns.

Methodic Background